You're an exceptional student in your discipline; now add a layer of business to your knowledge base to offer employers the whole package.

Ideal Candidates Include:

  • Liberal arts students or recent graduates who have excellent writing and communication skills and want to add a layer of business knowledge

  • Science/engineering students with exceptional technical abilities who want some business savvy to succeed in the corporate world.  An M.S. in Management is particularly useful for those interested in business consulting.

Priority Application Deadline

Though you may apply in any one of the three application rounds each year, we suggest you apply only when you feel your application is as strong as it can be. Once you have submitted a complete application, the M.S. in Management Admissions Committee will review and evaluate it on its own merits and in the context of the broad applicant pool. We will inform you of our admissions decision within two weeks of application submission. Please take not of the application rounds as each round qualifies you for different funding considerations. 

Round Number 2020 Deadlines Consideration
Round One February 14 Admission, Graduate School Grants/Scholarships
Round Two March 20 Admission, Programmatic Scholarships and Graduate Assistantships
Round Three April 18 Final Admission
Round Four June 1 Admissions Waitlist

Though this program is designed for recent bachelor’s graduates, students with work experience who are interested in pursuing an M.S. in Management may apply. Those with significant work experience are encouraged to explore our top-ranked MBA program.