Dr. Karen Ford-Eickhoff

Dr. Karen Ford-Eickhoff
Clinical Assistant Professor of Management
Friday 342


Ph.D. Business Administration: Organizations and Strategy, University of Tennessee 
MBA, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
B.S. History Education, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

About my research:

I am interested in exploring the roles of boards of directors in strategic decision-making, strategic leadership and decision-making in complex organizations, in addition to relationships between top management teams and boards of directors, and strategic decision-making in interorganizational collaborations.

My advice to students:

I believe that much of a person's success in business or a master's program is a result of one thing: perseverance. In my view, success is not about being the smartest person in the building but rather the person who does the next thing and the next thing and then -- sometimes dusting off from a failure first -- the next thing.

About my teaching philosophy:

My teaching style is grounded in the philosophy that students who are actively engaged in the learning process will learn more, retain more of what they learn, and be more capable of applying this knowledge in their lives outside the classroom. For this reason, I structure my classes to incorporate substantial opportunities for students to participate in discussions and case analyses. I also incorporate opportunities to research organizations, their leaders, and their challenges so students not only learn about these organizations, but also learn how and where to find the information they need for successful strategic decision-making.  

About me:

I really enjoy getting outside to hike, canoe/kayak, walk my dog, and "play in the dirt" (i.e., garden). When I can, I also love to travel and learn about the diverse cultures of people around this country and the world.